For your smile

In my medical practice located in Wetter (Ruhr), Germany my team and I offer the full range of services for orthodontics, including braces and aligners, retainers and preventative care measures. Using state of the Art model scanning and printing techniques in our own laboratory, we produce all appliances locally to save you time and costs. With my dedicated team, we provide integrated functional and aesthetic services for both children and adults – helping patients easily and quickly obtain healthy teeth and beautiful smiles.

Further, out of passion to Orthodontics, I teach at the DUK Push in Bonn as a part of the Danube Private University, for example in the field of pain management in Orthodontics. One of my latest projects was for the DGKFO 2016 in Hannover, where I together with my colleagues presented a poster based on 3D printed aligners and their benefits.